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Hello Lavish hearts,

We would like to kick off our first blog post on our updated website, by telling you about our gorgeous new logo. If you know us already, you will know that we have a love for the language of flowers, and to those of you who have only just met us, we are happy to share all our loves with you.

Throughout our site you will see the language of flowers, firstly in our logo, and furthermore in the categories specially designed for our clients to choose their styles.

The yellow poppy (seen in our Logo) – represents a message of success, and that is definitely what we aim for at Lavishly Done; Success in communication, success in execution, success in a job well done.

yellow poppy

(Photo credit: A dear friend a floral role model – Coral Short at Epanouir Flower Studio)

According to a Greek legend, the poppy was the creation of the god of sleep.  Helping the goddess of corn when she lost her daughter, the poppies were used to sooth her to sleep.

If she rested the corn grew and because she fell asleep, the corn started to grow again.  It’s viewed that the poppies are essential to the growth of corn.

On a lighter meaning, yellow poppies came to have this symbolism in a story about a woman turned into a poppy by a witch.  She could only visit her family at night and when she told her husband about this curse, the husband resolved to pick her out of the field of poppies to break the curse.

In the morning, the husband picked his wife out of a thousand poppies that looked alike.  Because she spent the night at home, she didn’t gather dew.  The yellow poppy spell was broken.

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